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Company profile

GLV, s.r.o. was founded in 2004 as a company engaged in the metalworking industry. From the beginning, our biggest aspiration was to become an important and reliable subcontractor for outstanding industrial producers manufacturing in the EU.

We have met this goal, as evidenced by our steady volume of manufacturing orders, but especially numerous positive references and recommendations from our customers.

Organization of the Production

We are focused on the customer manufacturing, that is mainly consisting of small to middle series of products. Our biggest strengths is also the support of our customers in the area of piece and prototypal production with extremely short delivery dates that emphasizes our overall flexibility.

Basic Values

Key values of us are based on the fair attitude to the business as whole. Our aim is to maximize added value for customers, what is represented by the high quality of processing of components, reliability of supplies and exceptional competitive prices.

We consider our customers the partners and the whole level of our mutual cooperation is led in this spirit.

Strengths of our company are:

  • high quality of the production
  • high reliability of delivery dates
  • flexibility in delivery dates, increase of production, technical changes

Our Customers

Our customer portfolio is currently made up of important assembly companies from Slovakia, Germany and Austria, which are manufacturing in outstanding industrial areas (solar industry, semiconductor industry, electronics, automotive industry, etc.)

We are delighted to prepare a price offer for our potential customers in the shortest time, or to demonstrate our competencies by producing of sample pieces.